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Open Air Museum

H Sustain is a startup creating the next-generation digital travel guide. We map the digital information to the physical objects and geolocations, and make them into personalised travel experience! Our objective is to promote social well-being and facilitate multicultural integration by uncovering and sharing the local stories and unique places. We are a team of experts within design, computer science, digitisation and product commercialisation.

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Personalised travel experience

Everybody is different, when you go out travelling or exploring the cities, your preferred information and interest in the places are different from each other. Our next-generation digital travel guide will fulfil your needs for a personalised travel experience!

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Discover hidden gems

Through your smartphone lens, our innovative search tool will help you recognise any objects in the new places. It is easy-to-use, running in real time, removing language barriers, and reducing heavy search prior to the trips.

Share local stories and experience

'Every city is an open air museum'. Any building, any street, any event, or any person can be an exhibit. With the help of our fast content generator, we encourage everyone to share their insightful stories. We also engage professional content creators to share, like museums, municipalities and cultural travel enthusiasts.

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Hantverkargatan 44, 11221 Stockholm

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